How do I prepare my horse for travel?

We ask that all horses have their hind shoes removed prior to their flight.

What do I need to send with my horse for the journey?

You must ensure that your horse has a valid passport for his/her journey. EIS will provide the following –

  • Shipping headcollar (with faux fur under the headpiece and nose band for extra comfort)
  • We will also provide front shipping boots
  • Water containers
  • Water buckets
  • Hay nets & top quality dust free haylage

Depending on the route to the airport of dispatch, weather conditions and time of year, a rug maybe required for your horse’s journey to ensure optimum comfort. EIS can provide a rug at an additional cost if required. During the flight the aircraft is temperature controlled and will be regulated by the groom on board. The temperature will be set according to the number of horses on board the aircraft etc. to ensure that your horse is comfortable at all times. Weather conditions at the country of destination are also taken into account while setting the temperature on board the aircraft to ensure that your horse is comfortable upon arrival.

What pre-export testing & paperwork is required for my horses journey?

The regulations and requirements for importation of horses can be complex and vary widely from country to country. From your initial enquiry we will look after everything to ensure that your horse complies with the import requirements specific to the country of destination.

How does my horse travel on the flight?

Horses travel in purpose built containers commonly referred to as “pallets”. Three horses normally travel on each pallet, however, the partitions are fully adjustable so if your horse needs extra room we can accommodate by providing a stall and a half or a double stall at competitive rates.

Dimensions of pallet:

Length: 294 cm
Width: 234 cm
Height: 232 cm

Area for horses: 188 cm x 234 cm

Space per horse if 3 horses are in one container: Width / horse approximately 75 cm
Space per horse if 2 horses are in one container: Width / horse approximately 115 cm

What is co-loading?

Co-loading is the practice of sharing a pallet with other horses in order to economise on the air freight. By co-loading your horse with other horses your horse can avail of a 1/3 or 1/2 share on the pallet.

Who will accompany my horse on his journey?

An experienced flying groom will accompany your horse during the flight. Our grooms are members of the ATA (Animal Transport Association) and hold NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) certificates. It is the groom’s job to ensure that your horse is comfortable and stress free at all times during the journey.

Are there any hidden costs?

We will provide you with a comprehensive quote including all aspects of the journey from pick up to landed at the airport of final destination. We can also quote for quarantine costs (if applicable) in the importing country. There will be no hidden costs.